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A novel by Luc Midnight

Dead Game is an epic crime noir novel about a prominent heart surgeon whose medical license has been revoked because of malpractice due to a hefty drug habit. He performs a private heart transplant and soon finds himself at odds with killers and con men in the gritty underworld of New Orleans.

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Time After Time

Written and Illustration by Christmas Harvill

When all Hope is lost, a door will appear.
A single man will step forward.
Eternity has its protector.
Avery Black.

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The Familiars & Other Stores

by J. M. Tipton

In his debut work, author J.M. Tipton resurrects the short story genre with imaginative fiction that marries a darkly humorous perspective with the triumph and tragedy in the lives of ordinary people.


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My Quiet Friends

Photography by John Reid

My Quiet Friends encapsulates the ethereal relationship between horse and man, feminine and masculine, as told through a collection of photography.

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Benji's Christmas Adventure

Written by Lynda Modell
Illustrated by Julia Ivanystka

Benji, a bear cub anxious to learn about Christmas, gets help from all of his animal friends, only to discover that something important has been missed.

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Written by Lynda Modell
Illustrated by Jason Allen

Meet Mabel....an unforgettable young girl who, to the dismay of her mother, wakes up to eat her way through the alphabet. The reader will delight in the hilarious tale of this charming character and her insatiable appetite!

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Photography by John Reid
Poetry by L. Midnight

A Sense of You is a collection of photographs narrated by poetry. At times, peaceful, and at other times, haunting, the stunning images weave together the ethereal love story of the poet and the muse.

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Written by Kathryn Cocquyt
Illustrated by Christopher Harvill

A magical Christmas story about a carousel horse who takes a journey through decades to discover that the turning of seasons, and the passage of time are made real by love, happiness, and hope.
Award Honorable Mention in the 71st Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition for Children's Fiction.