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What is Open Page?

Open Page is a platform for indie writers to share their work with the general public via BCP’s Instagram page.

To submit your work, please email BCP at

Submission Guidelines

All submissions must be in English.

All genres are accepted. (Thriller, Drama, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, etc.)

All works must fit at least one (1) of the following:

  • Essays and Short Stories: 3,000 words or less
  • Books: A single chapter
  • Poetry: No restrictions

We want to keep things simple and kind

Therefore, we do not accept agented submissions. That being said, if you have an agent but have written a work that is not represented by an agent, agency, or manager, Blank Cover Press will consider indie. Therefore, it qualifies for submission. We accept nothing that is done through an agent, agency, or a manager of any kind.

Submission Process:

Submit your work in Word Document form only by emailing or filling out the form below.

By submitting, you agree to terms listed above and below.
Blank Cover Press does not own the rights to your work in any way but has permission to promote and feature it.

Submitted works must be copyrighted by the author

When does a work become copyrighted? In most countries, once an author creates a work, copyright protection is automatic.

With your submission, please provide the following:

  • Your first and last name (legal or pseudonym)
  • IG/FB handle: @example (so we can tag you if/when it’s posted on social media!) 
  • Three (3) hashtag words that describe the work: #example #example #example

Submission Form

  • Please Provide Your Legal Name Or Pseudonym
  • So We Can Email You If/When Your Work Is Posted
  • So We Can Tag You If/When It's Posted on Social Media
  • Three (3) hashtags to describe the work
  • Feel free to tell us a little something about what you're submitting. Don't worry; this step isn't required!
  • Max. file size: 100 MB.
    There is no limit to the amount of works you can submit in your submission as long as each one is different (i.e. You submit one essay and then also submit another essay about an entirely different thing. Or you submit a chapter from your book and then also submit an essay discussing another subject).

Things You Should Know

  • Open Page is ENTIRELY FREE!
  • You do not get any payment or royalties if/when your work is posted on our website and social media platform. You keep all of your work’s rights. Blank Cover Press is only giving you a platform to feature your work.

We only want your voice to be heard and your story to be read!

Remember: It’s what’s on the inside that matters!

If you are posted, you will hear back from us as soon as your story is selected.

Posted works are published as submitted. We prefer standard manuscript format. However, we are tolerant of stylistic tendencies. After all, look at E.E. Cummings!

We do not provide editing, proofreading, or copy editing of any kind. We will publish the work as we received it. We are not mentors, managers, or agents.

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