Written and Illustrated by Christopher Harvill

            I handed Rowdy the envelope as we stood before The Doorway.

            He did not like the idea and was reluctant to take it from my fingers.

            “The door might not even open for me when I ask,” Rowdy said, chewing on his lower lip.

 I would have gone myself, but I feared my arrival there could be sensed, even if fleeting. Or, perhaps, the pull would be to strong and I could not bring myself to return.

            “It shall,” I told him, pushing the small sealed card into his hand.

            “Just leave it at the alter and come back,” Rowdy said, repeating what I told him a few moments ago.

            He looked at the emblem on the front I had drawn. Then back at the door, taking the nob in his hand.

            “What’s in the envelope?” He asked.

            I thought how best to put it. “How do you call it? A… Christmas greeting.”

            “And this is a matter of life and death?”

            I nodded.

            “Our lives.” I looked at Avery’s emblem on The Doorway’s frosted glass. “His death.”

Avery Black: Pleased to Meet You

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