1,000 Words Because A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

One Thousand Words Gallery

A picture is worth a thousand words. What does yours say?

One Thousand Words Gallery is a division of Blank Cover Press.

Our goal is to provide artists with a platform to share their work with the general public for free via our IG page.

Every week, we will be posting three (3) photos. Posted photos will be advertised on our social media and made available to view on our website as well.
To submit, email: submissions@blankcoverpress.com
IG: blankcoverpress
IG: onethousandwordsphotography

Submission Process/Guidelines:

By submitting, you agree to terms listed above and below. One Thousand Words Photography and Blank Cover Press do not own the rights to your image(s) in any way but have permission to promote and feature it.
To submit, email: submissions@blankcoverpress.com

  • All genres accepted (photo, drawing, painting, etc.)
  • Submit one (1) image in JPEG form.
  • Your first and last name (legal or pseudonym)
  • 1,000-words or under description telling the audience what this image captures. Is there a funny story behind it? A particular look you were going for? Tell us about your vision!
  • Your IG handle (@example), so we can tag you if/when your image is posted!
  • Please provide three (3) hashtag words to go along with your submission. (#example, #example, #example)

Things You Should Know:

  • 1,000 Words is entirely free!
  • You do not get any payment or royalties.
  • You keep all of your image’s right. 1,000 Words and Blank Cover Press are only giving you a platform to feature your work.
  • If you are posted, 1,000 Words will advertise your work for one day (24-hours) after it is published on our IG page.
  • All expenses will be paid for by Blank Cover Press.
  • Posted works will be available on the 1,000 Words website tab for ONE MONTH. Even after that month is up, the work will still be available through 1,000 Word’s IG page.
  • Posted works are published as submitted. 1,000 Words does/will not alter the image in any way.
  • If you are posted, you will hear back from us as soon as your image is selected. We will send you an email directly, providing where and when your work will be advertised and giving you an exact date.
  • If you are not posted, re-submit the image or send us something new.